On the carpet

The plan in the diagram shows the four bedrooms on the first floor of a house owned by a couple with three children.
In each of the four previous years, a new carpet of a different colour has been bought for one of the four bedrooms labelled A to D.
On the plan, room A is directly opposite the bathroom, room B is directly opposite the WC and room C is directly opposite room D.

From the clues given below, can you insert into the plan the name of the owner of each bedroom (1), the colour of the new carpet it contains (2) and the year in which the carpet was laid (3)?


1 Rachel's room, which does not contain the carpet bought in 1989, is directly opposite the room with the brown carpet, which is newer than hers.
2 Andrew's parents' new carpet was laid in 1987, but his own carpet was not acquired exactly two years after the blue one.
3 The grey carpet in room B was bought the year after the green carpet.
4 Room C contains the carpet which was purchased in 1990 to complete the recarpeting of the upstairs of the house.
Occupants: Andrew; Lyndsey; parents; Rachel
Colours: blue; brown; green; grey
Years: 1987; 1988; 1989; 1990

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