Lavinia's company is much sought after and her diary for next week details seven different engagements, one on each day with a different friend each time. From the clues given below, can you enter against each day the nature of her engagement and the name of her friend?


1 Lavinia's date with Mark, which is not at the tennis or the point-to-point, is on the day after the visit to the theatre, which is later in the week than her date with Philip, who will be seeing her the day after her dinner engagement.
2 The hunt ball and the disco are on successive evenings, not necessarily in that order, and they are coming up later in the week than the successive engagements with Giles and Monty, which also do not necessarily occur in that order.
3 Nigel has been entered in Lavinia's diary for the day before Alexander.
4 Her Wednesday escort has a shorter name than the man with whom she is due to go to the disco but a longer name than her lunch companion.
5 One of the two meals is on Friday.
6 The name of her tennis partner is alphabetically earlier than that of her Saturday escort.
Engagements: dinner; disco; hunt ball; lunch; point-to-point; tennis; theatre
Escorts: Alexander; Giles; Jeremy; Mark; Monty; Nigel; Philip

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