Grave situations

The diagram shows a church with its surrounding churchyard, in which a keen genealogist found five gravestones erected in memory of five of his ancestors and their wives, each couple being buried in a different century.
From the clues given below, can you insert on the stones labelled A to E the first names of the couple who are buried there, together with the century in which they passed away?


1 The plot in which Henry and his wife Lucy are buried is marked by a gravestone indicated in the diagram by a consonant.
2 The century in which Rachel died was two later than the one in which Richard departed this life.
3 William's 18th-century grave is not one of the two situated to the left of the church tower in the diagram.
4 The 19th-century grave is in the position labelled D in the diagram.
5 Jane and her husband lie beneath gravestone C; Jane's husband's first name was longer than that of Mary's husband.
6 Rebecca, whose husband was not Thomas, is buried in the most recent of the five graves.
7 The 17th-century gravestone is not the one lettered A in the diagram.
Husbands: Henry; John; Richard; Thomas; William
Wifes: Jane; Lucy; Mary; Rachel; Rebecca
Centuries: 16th; 17th; 18th; 19th; 20th

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