A hall story

The plan in the diagram shows a two-storey building in a hall of residence divided into rooms for twelve students.
From the clues given below, can you insert the name of the correct occupant of each of the twelve rooms into the boxes provided in the diagram


1 Helen's room on the first floor is immediately above Martin's on the ground-floor.
2 Mike's room is on the same floor as those of Morag and Shaun; none of these three has room 4 and Yolanda's room is not on the same floor as theirs.
3 Naomi has room 9; the room below hers belongs to another female student.
4 The boy in room 7 is directly across the corridor from a student with a four-letter name.
5 Alison has room 2; one of her next-door neighbours is Patrick.
6 Olga and Dennis have rooms on the same side of the corridor as each other and on the same floor, but their rooms are not adjacent to each other.
7 The occupant of room 6 has a longer name than the person in room 10.
8 Morag's room is not on the same side of the building - left or right - as Olga's.
Girls: Alison; Helen; Morag; Naomi; Olga; Yolanda
Boys: Dennis; Jeremy; Martin; Mike; Patrick; Shaun

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