On the line

Mrs Ball's four sons are all keen soccer players.
Each has a different favourite League team, a copy of whose shirt he wears when playing in the park.
Each shirt bears the number of the boy's favourite player in the team which he supports.

From the clues given below, can you find out for each shirt: 1) its number, 2) the name of the son who wears it, 3) its colour


1 Peter's shirt is on the immediate left of the one bearing the number 11, which is not green.
2 Alan's shirt is hanging two positions to the right of the jersey numbered 9.
3 Shirt B on the line is red, as the son who wears it is an Arsenal supporter; the number on it is not 6.
4 The blue shirt has the number 3 on its back; this is not shirt A, which is worn by Shane.
5 Mark is not the Wolves supporter, who wears the yellow shirt.
Names: Alan; Mark; Peter; Shane
Colours: blue; green; red; yellow
Numbers: 3; 6; 9; 11

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