Neighbourhood watch

The plan shows a police stake-out of a house in which two wanted men have taken refuge.
The wanted men are in position 1 and 2, watching through the windows of the house for activity in the street in front and in the alley behind the house.
The police have taken up their posts in the positions marked A to F, two in the alley to the rear of the house, two at the windows of the house opposite and two in unmarked cars parked on either side of the street.

Positions A, B and 1 are to be considered as at the rear of the building and all the rest at the front.
From the clues given below, can you fully identify all eight men and insert their names in the correct positions in the diagram?


1 Jim's position is indicated by a letter which comes three later in the alphabet than the letter indicating Mason's position.
2 McEwan and Wilson are both keeping watch through house windows looking onto the street.
3 One of the drivers of the two cars is called Ron and the other's surname is Slade.
4 The man called Tony Randall is not in the position marked A in the diagram.
5 Frazer is the surname of the man in position E.
6 Charlie, whose surname is not Jones, is keeping watch in the alley in the position marked B on the plan.
7 Donnelly is not one of the three men at the rear of the building.
8 The surname of the man in the car marked C begins with a letter later in the alphabet than that of his colleague in position D.
9 John, who is not one of the wanted men, is not called McEwan.
10 Mark's position is not indicated on the plan by the number 2.
11 Arnie and the constable named Bill are not on the same side (ie front or rear) of the building as each other.
First names: Arnie; Bill; Charlie; Jim; John; Mark; Ron; Tony
Surnames: Donnelly; Frazer; Jones; Mason; McEwan; Randall; Slade; Wilson

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