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The party

The first time I Anne, I was very surprised her clothes:
She a bright purple T-shirt, pale green and yellow leather boots.

"Hello!" she said. "Do you live around here?"

" " I answered. "I live with my parents the last house in the street.
Just over ."

"That's the house the lived in! Your parents bought it from them, ?"

"Right... school do you go to? Harley Street or Park Street?" I asked.

" Harley Street as does else in the district."

"Oh!... And what's your form?"


"Funny. That's my form ."

"You won't find it so funny on Monday morning... you like to come to my birthday party tonight? Everyone will be there, including the 4B!"

"That's very kind. I rather lonely since I came here."

I didn't feel lonely any longer in the evening. were forty-three of us at the .
And the living-room wasn't very . Anne had a wonderful stereo and we had all our latest records.
Mr and Mrs Broughton had left us to go and the evening at friends', a few houses away.
Unfortunately they came shortly after midnight and they to persuade us to go home.
At two o'clock I was bed and I was because I now knew most of my school-friends and the next school-year would be full parties...

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